Building Surveying
Permit Approval Process

The Building Approval process and Building Code compliance is often a complex and confusing process. Our experience in both the public & private sector affords us the knowledge to provide clear, accurate and consistent advice on construction compliance to clients.
We undertake building plan assessments / audits, certify design documentation for Building Approvals/Permits and issue all the related documents and certificates throughout the process to completion.

During the construction phase of the project, we will undertake mandatory inspections as specified in the approval documentation to ensure the works are proceeding in accordance with the Building Act, the Building Code and the approved plans.

Note: These inspections are not to supervise the building work, the builder or for quality control. The inspection process cannot be relied on for any form of quality assurance or absolute compliance of the construction as the inspections are only a point in time and few in number during the construction. It is the builders responsibility for quality assurance and absolute compliance with the approved plans, the Building Act and the Building Code of Australia as they are in charge of the project and have daily access to the building site.

On successful completion of the work we issue the Occupancy Permit & Final Inspection Certificates for your project.

What we can issue as part of the Building Approval process for Commercial, Heavy Industrial and Residential construction projects includes:

  • Statements for Low-Risk Building Work
  • Assessment for the Categories of Building Work
  • Emergency Orders
  • Certificates of Likely Compliance
  • Certificates of Substantial Compliance (Illegal Building Work)
  • Start Work Authorisations
  • Occupancy Permits
  • Temporary Occupancy Permits
  • Schedule of Maintenance Prescribed Features
  • Final Inspection Certificates

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